9 reasons I wished I would have had a mentor when I first considered getting into real estate as an agent

and why I am offering to be one for you so that you don’t make over 100k in mistakes.

Day 1 of 30 – Robert Earl’s Prospective Agent Mentorship Guide – Digital Agent Show

When I first got into real estate as an agent, I wished that I would have had a mentor and guide.  Someone that would have been available the exact moment that I had the thought that real estate might be a viable career option.  

  1. To answer the myriad of questions that I had about the overall process.
  2. To provide me with a consistent point of view vs. the varying and mostly unhelpful and discouraging opinions of others.
  3. To ask about the time frames and schedules that I needed to follow (everything always seemed to take too long).
  4. To talk about the budget that I needed to follow to pay my bills while I transitioned from my job to being a real estate agent.
  5. To help me select a real estate school (I selected the wrong one my first time).
  6. To explain to me what I really needed to learn in the real estate course.
  7. To show me the best way to pass the test the first time.
  8. To help me select the right real estate company that would train me how to succeed.
  9. And someone that would point me in the right direction regarding my mindset, attitude and approach towards business. 

I calculated one time that not having a mentor when I was getting into real estate cost me over 100k in actual expenses and lost earnings. 

If I can help just a handful of people avoid the difficulties that I faced, then my experience will be put to good use.  That is why I am offering to be your mentor and guide, from the moment that you first have the thought of becoming a licensed real estate agent, all the way through your career.

I bring a unique perspective to the table.  I have had to become a licensed real estate agent TWICE in my career.  Let me explain.

I first got into real estate following the dot com bubble burst in 2001 in Virginia.  It was at this time that I made a lot of the mistakes without the proper knowledge and guidance.  I selected the wrong school, I failed the state portion of the test the first time, I miscalculated my savings, I selected the wrong real estate brokerage company and did not get any sales training from that company.  

Despite all of this I persevered and became the number one individual agent in commissions earned for my new company in my 2nd full year in the business.  

But that first year was bad enough that I still sometimes remember it like it was yesterday.  That is one of the main motivating factors for me wanting to help you. 

Fast forward a number of years.  I decided that I wanted a change in latitude and after a stint as a manager for a real estate office, I made the move to Florida.   But Florida does not have a reciprocity licensing agreement with Virginia.  That meant that I had to take the real estate class again and start from scratch.

This time, I took a completely different approach.  Even though I had a full time 9-5 job when I first moved to Florida, I signed up for and completed a real estate course, passed the exam, sold my first home (while still working 40 hours a week) and cashed my first commission check all within 66 days of signing up for the course in the first place. 

How you might ask?

That is what I am going to show you as your mentor and guide. 

Going it alone is never easy.  As a matter of fact it is down right scary.  

Because of my experiences, I am uniquely positioned to help you out.  

Let’s take a look at the nine reasons I wish that I had a mentor and guide and again and how I can assist you with each one of these points.

  1. To answer questions: With over 20 years of experience as a real estate agent, broker, office manager, CEO of a top real estate team and coach to dozens of agent making 6 figures a year as well as being a student of the real estate industry, I can provide you with the insight that you are lacking as a newbie to the overall process.  
  2. A consistent voice:  Everyone will have an opinion of you even considering moving into real estate.   And as well meaning as they may be, most of them in my experience will not be helpful.  They will, bit by bit, erode away at your confidence and have you going two different directions at the same time, rather than having someone that can act as a GPS and keep you on track. 
  3. Time Frames and Schedules:  The faster you get through the process, the faster you start cashing checks.  Period.  I can show you the schedule that you need to follow to be successful.
  4. Budget:  I will help you set realistic expectations on what it actually takes to start your new business venture while still paying your ongoing bills.  
  5. Real Estate School:  One type of school shines over all the others.  I will show you which one that is.  
  6. What you need to learn in the course:  Once you understand the overall strategy, your entire approach to the class will change. 
  7. The Exam:  Pass the first time.  
  8. Selecting a Company: Not all companies are alike, and over my career I have been with 3 different companies, and studied 50 others as I made my decisions.  I can put this knowledge to work for you. 
  9. Business Approach:  I will show you how to set your mindset so that you succeed as a real estate agent and not just become a statistic.  

Why do I say statistics?    Studies have found that 87% of all agents quit the business within the first five years.  

As I reflect back on my career, I truly wish that I would have had a mentor helping to guide me in my decision making process from day one so that I didn’t have to work so hard to not end up in the 87% category.  

This is the first day of my 30 days of posting my mentorship guide that will share with you my experience and guidance to help you with your decision.  

As a bonus – I have developed an article entitled: What do real estate agents do on a daily basis? Make sure you check it out.

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