How to Become a Real Estate Sales Agent That Makes Money

Face it, there are a lot of people that say they are real estate agents. No matter the market, the perception is that they are too many agents. On the surface, this may be 100% correct. But how many of them are actually making money or making a living at real estate? And better yet, how do you ensure that you are one of the ones that is successful and making money, is this even possible in today market?

Fortunately, the answer is simple and yes. You ought to enter the profession well prepared and with a state license for the job. If you have good knowledge about the real estate industry, success should find you sooner than you find it with proper training and coaching. 

The real question is, how to become a real estate sales agent to make good money.

The real estate business is frequently changing, meaning it is up to brokers and agents to run that extra mile to stay ahead of the competition. Also, it includes a fair amount of risk and uncertainty. You will get hold of high accountability of rendering the outcome exactly as promised to the clients.

 If you plan to make up some good money as a real estate sales agent, I encourage you to keep reading.

Basic requirements to be a real estate sales agent

• You have to be a minimum 18 or 19 years of age, depending on the nation’s rules.
• You must have a legal country nationality.
• A pre-license course is essential.
• You must have to pass an exam to get the real estate license of your state.

Click here to see the specific requirements for your state.

How Do Real Estate Sales Agents Make Money?

Before starting, you should have a basic idea of how to become a real estate sales agent can make you rich. Sales Agents get commissions on the sale value of the property. The vendor of the home typically pays negotiable commissions, but 5-6% is typical. They usually are split among buyer and seller’s agents.

The money goes straight to the broker at closing, and he splits it with the agent-based on the prior contract. Many brokers split commissions 50-50, so start at 70-30. New agents may receive a lower percentage like 30%-40%, while more experienced agents might negotiate over a 50% split with a broker.

These are the basic practices of real estate agencies. To become successful, you have to give effort towards a long-term target, study about marketing your service, and Invest in your relationships for getting referrals. As a beginner of your career, try to work for a company that is flexible, portable, and can shift and raise with you. As a result, you’ll be greatly aware and be able to weather changes in the marketplace better than others.

An efficient real estate agent is never passive. They never allow the idea that he or she is at the mercy of the marketplace to enter the mindset! As the market always forces demand and supply, an efficient agent feels the need to be proactive. An agent that makes money is selling homes, no matter the market conditions.

7 tips for becoming a wealthy real estate sales agent

1. Take an online real estate course:

While getting trained about how to become a real estate sales agent, you’ll discover that each state requires real estate coursework. Courses are, in general, offered both in the physical or online classroom. Classroom hours are intended to educate you on the legal basics of buying and selling real estate. 

While they do train you the fundamentals, it turns out that much of the job you perform as an agent daily isn’t taught in the schools. Your real learning comes once you pass your courses and exams and begin working as an agent.

Therefore, an online real estate course allows you to set your own pace and complete the course sooner than the constraints of a classroom schedule.

2. Join a Real Estate company that offers training:

In most states, you won’t obtain your license and instantly set up your own firm – you will be required to work with an experienced broker to increase skill. There’s an open platform to choose a Real Estate company.  You are free to join whatever company you wish to. Think of it as when you want to start your business and who you want to be in business with, rather than thinking that you are applying for a job.

Think about the company’s size when you search for a broker and its status and the additional training offered. Always try to join the companies that offer additional training, as it will help you in the long run of your career.  Training is the key to not only initial real estate agent success but also ongoing success.

In my 20th year in real estate, I still attend training with my brokerage on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Speak to the broker, and raise as many questions as possible in your interview. Ask about errors and omissions insurance, continuing education, how soon you get paid, and commission splits.  Most importantly, ask to see their upcoming training calendar and the past months training calendar. This will instantly give you a better idea regarding their commitment to training.

Also, get a clear idea of what exactly they do provide, whether you get a desk, what you are responsible for, how much time is available for mentoring, and whether they require floor hours. An agent that makes the most money, is usually not tied to a desk or forced into required floor hours. There time is better spent in lead generation activities that create relationships with potential buyers, sellers, and investors.

3. Follow a Schedule:

New real estate sales agents with a few leads and prospects might not think that they require a schedule and time management. This can not be further from the case. Successful agents start with a schedule on day one. This schedule has to include time for business development, lead generation, training and potential appointment times. They must develop a schedule and stick to it. As their business develops and they become busier, they will require to maintain their schedules more strictly, as they will be tempted to spend their time on client service, and neglect business development and lead generation. 

Again, an efficient real estate agent is never passive. They develop the habits for business development and lead generation early on and never let go of this proactive mindset and actions. They create their own supply and demand, no matter the market conditions.

Proactive agents understand the worth of their time.

Allocate sufficient time to each of these: follow-ups, meetings with clients, and lead generation. By being well-organized before the meeting, you are prepared to field any questions the client might have. This contributes to their assurance in your ability, leading to referral and repeat business.

4. Treat it like a business, not a hobby:

Are you really fascinated with being a real estate sales agent? Make sure that you are not in this field just for the sake of it. You have to do your office work, develop a relationship with clients, and deal with buyers and sellers daily.

If you are not prepared for all of these, opt-out. Consider it as a full-time job and a long-term career. When you are licenses, you are your own boss and your own business owner. Act like it. You can’t take up this profession as a hobby. So, only select this career if you are entirely committed to it.

5. Be willing to invest in yourself:

Receiving a license is an exhaustive process during which an agent studies and takes preparation for months. Passing the test and becoming licensed is an achievement. But becoming a licensed agent doesn’t indicate that they are a real estate specialist. 

Continuing training is essential to a sales agent’s success. Along with ongoing education, occasionally revisiting the tips given above helps agents keep on track with their professional growth.

Real estate sales agents who get a high commission, positive reviews, and repeat customers, are often those who can meet different consumer needs. Get coaching, adequate training, and attend different seminars to increase your experience, knowledge, and capabilities to deal with clients. 

6. Acquire Some Basic Skills:

In addition to continually updating yourself, you need to be alert of the most recent market trends and potential market predictions. Besides entrepreneurial and business skills, real estate sales agents are required to have some other necessary skills. Such as;

  • The regulatory and legal feature of a deal
  • Basic calculations and terminologies 
  • Authorization process
  • House loan procedures
  • State and County Property tax procedures
  • A bit of Technical knowledge, including website and social media marketing

7. Build a Strong Portfolio for Yourself:

You should have an excellent agent portfolio. A great way to build a strong portfolio is to find a good mentor and utilize your network. Coaches and other agents can be the best mentors for you in the real estate industry, and clients are a great source to establish a network for the recommendation of people. 

As some people always search for new residences, the references you get from your old clients might get you a great start in your new company.


How to Become a Real Estate Sales Agent That Makes Money

To conclude, you will begin as a real estate sales agent just like a business owner by having a precise education of the field and getting the licenses. Reserve some money for the period until you begin to earn on your own. Advertise your services online and offline to make you noticeable to your potential clients.

Remember: The fact that separates the successful sales agent from the rest of the real estate mass is how they use their time. 

So now, as you have learned enough about how to become a real estate sales agent that makes money, don’t be in doubt to give it a try. Good Luck!

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