How to Get Your Arizona Real Estate License – Course Requirements

Hours Required By The State: 96 hours – Enroll Today

  • 90 hour salesperson prelicensing course
  • 6 hour contract writing course

Seat Time: The Arizona Department of Real Estate requires that all students spend a minimum amount of seat time engaged in the course content. Seat time must be met at the unit level before students will be allowed to proceed. Our online course delivery system manages this requirement for you.

Max Hours in a 24-Hour Period: Arizona real estate licensees will not receive credit for more than 10 hours of pre licensure education per day. Our online course delivery system manages this requirement for you.

Sales Tax: Due to the tax law which mandates that online businesses must collect sales tax in certain states, if your state requires sales tax to be collected, it will automatically be added to the total amount due at checkout minus any donation made to The CE Shop Foundation. In addition,  if you choose to set-up a payment plan, sales tax will be added to each monthly payment plan total. For questions, please contact The CE Shop at 1.888.827.0777 or

The CE Shop is an approved real estate school in Arizona; license number S08-0004

The CE Shop Offers:

  • 90 hour salesperson prelicensing course
  • 6 hour contract writing course

Student Identity Verification: For the 90 hour prelicensing course, students will be required to authenticate their identity through an outside vendor every time they log in. Instructions on how to set this up are located within the course.

Final Exam Instructions and Proctoring Information: The state requires that the 90 hour prelicensing course final exam be proctored and you achieve a score of 75% or higher to pass. Upon course completion, you will be presented with a final exam instruction slide which explains the proctor process, in detail. Proctoring will be done in person at an approved proctoring facility. The proctor will be required to complete an online form prior to entering the code to access the final exam. Please select an approved proctor location here.

Reporting: The Arizona Department of Real Estate does not require reporting of pre-licensing course completions.

Expiration Date of Course: The CE Shop’s Pre-Licensing courses expire one year after the date of purchase. The CE Shop will allow students to purchase a new course at a 50% discount of the current retail price of the new course. Each individual course will have an expiration date listed in the student’s account.

Certificates: Once The CE Shop has received the signed affidavit, your certificate of course completion will become available to download (and via email). Upon completion of the course, The CE Shop will provide students with an electronic Certificate of Completion. Certificates will remain in your account for a minimum of five years, should you need additional copies. Please refer to your license application to determine if you need to submit your Certificate of Completion with your license request. Course completion dates are recorded using Central Standard Time. Please note that the date of your Certificate of Completion will reflect this.

Arizona Department of Real Estate

Street Address: 100 N. 15th Ave., Suite 201 Phoenix, AZ 85007
Telephone: 602.771.7799

Arizona Department of Real Estate Website

So, Arizona has a 96-hour pre-licensing course. This pre-licensing course is divided into two sections. The 90-hour pre-licensing course itself and then Arizona is one of the few states that has a separate contract writing course that you have to take so that this focuses on the sales contract. Makes a lot of sense a lot of States don’t do this, they leave it to the broker to actually teach you the contracting. So, Arizona’s a little bit different from that standpoint. Now to go through the 90-hour course you have to be logged in whether it be on an online system or a classroom system. When you’re going through the 90-hour course, you’re going to have to authenticate your identity to that outside vendor so that they can log in and get your information going with this.

One thing to note about the Arizona online course is that if you are taking it online, the system’s going to keep track of the amount of time that you spend and it’s going to limit you to 10 hours a day. Now let’s translate that. With a 90-hour course, that means that you could be done with the course in as little as nine days and be ready to take that final exam of the course and then the actual state/national exam. So, you can get it done very, very quickly. A classroom course may have this spread out on the schedule over a further period of time. There’s going to be a final exam given with the pre-licensing course, and you have to pass that final exam with a 75% or higher score.

So, this is going to be a proctored exam and when you get done with the course, they’re going to give you the information as to how that test is going to be administered. If it’s classroom, they’re going to administer it. If it’s an online course, they’ll give you information so that you can find a proctor and be able to go through that particular process. When you’re done with that, you then are given a certificate of completion and that certificate of completion allows you to then submit the application with a Pearson VUE real estate testing center so that you go into the independent testing center to take that national/state exam for the final portion.

When you sign up for the course, if you’re signing up for an online course, there is a time period that you have to complete the course and that is one year. Now, I would not advise you to take the entire year to actually go through and complete the course. This is something that you’re going to want to focus on and do sooner rather than later because there’s going to be information that you learn in the first sections of the course that you want to make sure that you can recall when it comes time to the test. Because this, in most cases with the pre-licensing course, it is an exercise to prepare you for passing the final exam.

So, you want to make sure that whatever course you pick, whether it’s an online course, and I have a complete guide to selecting a real estate course, and I’m going to include a link to that here in this video.

But whether you’re selecting the online course or a classroom course, you want to make sure that the program has an exam preparation module or a sample test question module that you can log into, set a timeframe, and go through a series of questions so that you’re able to pass. If you’re passing at home at about a 90, 95%, then when you actually go to the testing center, even if you forget some information, if you get nervous because you will, then you’re going to be able to go through this information and be able to pass at a 75%.

Okay. When you complete the course, you’re going to get a certificate of completion and you want to make sure that you keep a copy of that, and that you also have a copy available for Pearson VUE for the testing center, because you have to have that certificate of completion in order to register and sign up for the independent state/national exam that you have to pass. So, now that you’ve taken the test and you’ve passed, it’s time to make your application with the Arizona Department of Real Estate and you’re going to have to submit your application, your fee, your state exam score report that you’re going to get from Pearson VUE.

You’re going to have to go through and provide your pre-licensing certificate also the certificate of completion for the contracts course. You are going to have to do a proof of legal presence on a form and you’re going to have to go through and complete a fingerprint clearance card. So, this is something that you’re going to want to make that application. When you’re thinking about real estate, when you’re thinking about signing up for the course, you’re going to have to budget two things. One is the time, but two, because there are timeframes that you have to apply within a certain timeframe after you’ve taken the course and then actually apply with the state, you have to think of this from a monetary standpoint as well. And we have a blog post on that shows you what the expected costs would be on a generic level so that you can plan ahead and budget because you won’t have all these expenses upfront, but they are going to come as you go through every step of the way.

Now, a good brokerage can help you with the application. So, I have a complete guide as well, a video, and I’m going to link to that, that shows you not only the steps to getting your real estate license, but how to go through that process, what to do within your post-licensing timeframe, and then how to select a broker and the questions to ask that broker. And if you need some help finding a brokerage or a real estate company, that’s going to help you and provide you with training as a new agent, I’ve got a link as well on the sidebar at

So, there are your steps. 96 hours of courses broken into two parts, your pre-licensing course, and the contract section that you’re going to have to take that final exam of the course. So, you’re going to have two tests, the final exam of the course, and then that independent Pearson VUE test that you have to go and you have to take, and then you’ll be eligible to file your application package and a good broker can help you with all of those steps to be able to go through. So, I hope this has helped you out. If you have any questions or any comments, feel free to leave them or reach out to myself at and until next time, make it a great day.