Mentorship Program – Thank you for Applying

Step 1 – Bookmark this page so that you can return to it.

I will also send this link to you via email so that you can complete each step along the way.

Step 2 – Check your email from Robert Earl

If will have important information included in addition to what you find on this page.

Step 3 – Review your Bonuses – Including the Guide to Getting Into Real Estate

Step 4 – Signup for a Real Estate Class in your State

As part of the Mentorship Program, I highly recommend that you take an online course whenever possible. This will best prepare you for passing the final exam and getting into business quicker than a classroom format.

If the class is not running a special, you can use this code “YOURCBL25” at checkout to get 25% off.

Make sure that you select a package that includes the EXAM PREP module.

See the Requirements for your state. (If you state is not listed, you will need to contact a real estate school for a classroom course and determine their cost and schedule.)

Step 5 – Schedule a meeting with Robert Earl

Make sure you are enrolled in a real estate course before you schedule this meeting so that the time spent will be the most productive.

Step 6 – Join the Facebook Group

This will let you know when the weekly mentorship zoom sessions are held including the link to get on the video calls.

Step 7 – Attend the Weekly Mentorship Meetings

Mark you Calendar and block off the following times.

Unlicensed: Tuesdays 3-3:30pm Eastern

Licensed: Tuesdays 4:4:30pm Eastern

You will be emailed the Zoom link. You can also find the link in the Facebook Group.