I have reviewed over 50 real estate schools and found 11 reasons why online courses are better than classroom courses

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States that don’t have online courses available are still in the stone ages. 

Luckily, most people live in a state that offers an online course.  

Why is this important?  Since 2012, I have reviewed over 50 real estate schools.  Both classroom based and online courses and it led me to a discovery.  Online courses are truly better for prospective real estate agents.  Why?  Let me give you 11 reasons.

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Quicker Completion time
  • Credit for Reading Time
  • No Distractions from other students
  • Consistent Delivery
  • Given in same format as final exam
  • Exam Prep Included
  • Less Expensive
  • Free Trial
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Higher Pass Rate

Flexible Schedule

We all live very hectic lives with unpredictable schedules. 

  • Online courses allow you to read and study on your schedule.
  • You can pick up where you left off..
  • You can study anytime 24/7.

Compare this to classroom courses that force you to show up at a specific day and time for days or weeks on end.

Quicker Completion time

Just like I indicated on Day 4 – Taking too much time on the course can cost you a lot of money and frustration. 

  • You are not held back by the trickle of information given in a classroom format.
  • If you complete a chapter or section, you move on to the next.
  • You get credit for reading time.  As you read the information, the timer is tracking your time on screen. 

A classroom based course drags out the process, and is even worse if you happen to miss a class.

Credit for Reading Time

As I mentioned, you get credit for reading time.

  • Online courses are structured a bit like a video game.  Information is presented in sections with sample exercises or quizzes at the end of each section.  Pass the quiz and move on to the next.
  • Reading time can be accomplished on a computer, phone, tablet or cast to your tv screen. 
  • The timer keeps track, no matter what time of the day or night that you read.

A classroom based course requires you to read the materials outside of the classroom hours.  There is also no structure in place with the mandatory mini quizzes to ensure that you properly understand the information.

No Distractions from other students

My worst experience in a real estate class came from another student that frankly had no clue what was going on.

  • We have all had that one student or group of students that ask too many stupid questions and distract the instructor.
  • There is no guarantee that the other students have read the material like you have.  This leads to them asking questions that were already covered in the materials and wasting your time.
  • The other students may not be as committed as you to completing the course as soon as possible. 

Classroom courses also allow the know it all student to dominate the conversation unless you have a superb instructor.  Do you really want to take that chance?

Consistent Delivery

The purpose of the course is for you to satisfy the hours and pass the test. 

  • The online course chapters and sections build upon each other so that information you learned is section one is used in section 3, etc. 
  • The section quizzes ensure that you don’t jump around and cherry pick the information that you are most interested in.  It is all covered. 
  • Online courses avoid you from being sidetracked by another student or the instructor. 

A classroom based school might have a good review because a class was given by instructor Smith, but you might end up with instructor Jones.  Are you willing to take that chance? 

Given in same format as final exam

If you had an activity that was to be performed in the water, would you only practice on dry land?

  • The online course is delivered on the computer or electronically.  The same is true for the final exam.  
  • The final exam is a computer based multiple choice test, just like the section quizzes and exam prep sample test questions. 
  • Online courses teach you to read for comprehension online so that you understand the way the question is written.  

Classroom courses are paper based with books and rely on the instructor to explain the information.  There won’t be anyone explaining things to you when the exam is given.  It will be you and the screen. 

Exam Prep Included

Have I mentioned that there is going to be an exam.  I did on Day 3 and will continue to remind you.  You can not become a real estate agent until you pass the final exam.  

  • An exam prep module delivers the sample test questions to you in a sample test that you can take over and over.
  • They not only have the sample questions, but they also provide you with the answers and an explanation as to why the answer was correct.  This allows you to review information that you may not immediately comprehend. 
  • The test can be taken in a timed format, just like the final exam so that you get used to the time pressure as well as marking questions for further review.

Many classroom courses charge extra for the exam prep because it is an additional class that you have to attend and that requires more hours from the instructor. 

Less Expensive

When you are making the transition into real estate, you are going to want to watch your budget.

  • The online courses that we recommend offer discount codes that reduce the overall investment cost of the course. 
  • Online classes are also less expensive because you do not have to drive or travel to the real estate school to take the course.
  • They also do not have the overhead cost of the rental of the classroom space or the expense of the instructor or text book. 

If you also have to add in the cost of childcare to watch you kids while you drive to take a 3 hour course on a Tuesday night, the classroom scenario doesn’t make sense.   

Free Trial

Have you ever had a time when you wished you could try something out before you bought it?

  • The main school that we recommend, The CE shop offers a free trial period.
  • 5 day free trial with no credit card required. 
  • You get credit for a portion of the course that you complete during the trial period if you purchase the course during that trial time period. 

Even if a classroom course allowed you to sit in on a class to try it out it would cost you the travel time to the course, the gas cost and you still wouldn’t get hour credit for the time you spent in the class.  

Money Back Guarantee

If you are like me, you want to make the right decision. Why do you think that I spent time reviewing over 50 real estate schools?

  • A money back guarantee puts your mind at ease.
  • You will know if the course is right for you before you are halfway through with the course. 
  • Online chat and support is available to assist you and answer any questions. 

Even is a classroom based school offers you a money back guarantee, they are not going to reimburse your travel time or vehicle expenses. 

Higher Pass Rate

At any point in your real estate career, especially when you are getting started, you want to legally increase the odds in your favor. 

  • Not every real estate school publishes their pass rates.  The CE Shop, an online school does and their pass rates run at 90%.
  • The state overall average for Florida is 42%, Kentucky is 52%, Texas 60%.
  • 75% of The CE Shop Students pass their exam on the first attempt. 

More pass on the first attempt than the other states do overall, no matter how many attempts the student takes.   


Taking an online course has so many more advantages than a classroom based course.  And you can sign up and get started today by clicking this link and seeing if an online course is available in your state.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of information we have available in our mentorship program.  Complete the form below to find out more.

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