What is the Best Real Estate Company to Work for as a New Agent

What is the Best Real Estate Company to Work for as a New Agent?

The first real estate company you join after getting your license will set the tone for the rest of your career. The right company will guide you through the basics as you learn the ropes. The wrong company will leave you wondering whether you made the right career choice.

The best real estate company to work for as a new agent is Keller Williams. New agents can learn how to generate leads and establish their business through the Ignite program. The 100% commission split, company culture, and training opportunities make Keller Williams a great choice for new agents.

It’s your right as an agent to choose the real estate company that meets your expectations most closely. However, there is one company that receives great recognition for the opportunities it provides new agents. One that assist you in getting real estate sales and trains you to continue to make them. Keep reading to find out which company is the best for newbies.

Keller Williams: The Best Real Estate Company for New Agents

A decade ago, you likely saw the yellow Keller Williams’ yard signs in front of properties and assumed they were a small town realty company. But the history of Keller Williams Realty, now one of the largest real estate companies globally, is quite remarkable.

Austin, Texas. The year is 1983. 

Real estate agents Joe Williams and Gary Keller decide to join forces and create their own real estate office, amassing a local record 72 agents within two years. The company’s steady expansion across the U.S. began in 1993, with Keller Williams becoming the sixth largest national real estate company by 1997. 

The continuous growth led Keller Williams to where the company is today:

From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like Keller Williams has a lot to offer any agent. Yet, the list above is only scraping the surface of what makes this groundbreaking real estate company the ideal choice for brand new Realtors.

Why New Agents Love Keller Williams

Nearly every successful real estate agent will talk about their brokerage as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread. But that’s easy to say when you’re the top-grossing agent in your office, and nearly 100% of your business comes from referrals. 

It’s much harder for a real estate company to take a new agent with essentially no industry knowledge and mold them into a real estate professional. That’s precisely what Keller Williams does with brand new agents! 

Let’s review the Keller Williams structure that nurtures new agent success.

#1 Training Organization

Congratulations on completing your pre-licensing education and passing your state’s real estate exam! Now, for the bad news, neither of these two monumental accomplishments will play a significant role in your success as an agent. 

Enter the Keller Williams Ignite Program

The pros created the Ignite program within Keller Williams. The program’s goal is to take new agents and catapult them toward success practically immediately, highlighting the industry’s fundamentals and nurturing the skills they don’t teach you in real estate school, lead generation, scripts, and keeping track of your contacts.

Within a month of hands-on training through Ignite, new agents can learn how to:

  • Generate leads from all vantage points
  • Take the initiative to learn more and grow their business
  • Set reasonable financial and career goals
  • Develop a consistent lead funnel
  • Create and memorize scripts to ensure new leads and clients
  • Plan out daily and weekly schedules to ensure success

The fact of the matter is, nearly every big-name real estate company has a new agent training, but none are quite as extensive as Keller Williams’. This program allows you to push aside the norms of getting your first listing within six months and help you get your career off on the right foot from the get-go.

Here’s a video giving you somewhat of an introduction to the Ignite program:

Marketing and Technology Tools

All real estate agents need buyers or sellers to stay in business. Yet, it’s what you do with these relationships that ultimately determines your financial success as a new agent. Fortunately, Keller Williams highlights the marketing and tech tools needed to ensure productivity.

And frankly, it’s unparalleled.

Just take a quick look at all the tech and marketing tools this company offers:

  • A lead generation tool 
  • A guarantee that all leads from your listings go to you
  • Google integration to collaborate with your clients
  • Ability to track and better nurture your leads
  • Professionally-made marketing videos

For brand new agents, these benefits will turn an average agent into an extraordinary agent. These supports allow you to best market your new business to attract clients, maintain positive relationships with all leads, and ensure future business at all costs.

You don’t have to go into a brand new real estate career “winging it” and hoping you understand both Facebook and Google algorithms. Instead, use the tried and true methods that your fellow Keller Williams agents use to keep their careers excelling from year to year!

Company Culture

Keller Williams creates all of the supports to guarantee that new agents experience success within their first few months and years. Yet, the company culture for new and experienced agents is why most agents choose KW and stay with KW.

The term “company culture” can mean anything, so take a look at what we mean:

  • A family-like atmosphere in the Market Center
  • A profit share system that reinvests in its agents
  • A desire for everyone to win and succeed, including agents and brokers
  • A company that gives back to the local and national community

Earning money through real estate sure is nice when you’re looking to pay your bills and keep up-to-date on your mortgage payments. However, feeling like you truly belong in your Market Center and appreciate your KW franchise’s role in the local community will likely be enough to get you to stay.

Keller Williams is an excellent real estate company if you like everyone on the team to succeed.

100% Commission Structure

As a new agent, you probably assume that you’ll have to settle for a 50/50 commission split and that 100% commission structure is years down the line. However, combining your agency with Keller Williams and generating sales will guarantee more money in your pocket.

Here’s how that works.

When you first start with Keller Williams, you’ll begin on a 64/30/6 split. 

For reference, that’s already far more than what other big-name brokers offer. 50/50 is what many agents settle for during their first year. The 64% goes to you, and you can eventually earn a 100% commission split when you reach your cap for the KWRI fee (6%) and the Market Center fee (30%).

Combined with the Ignite training that’ll catapult your career toward success, there’s a chance that you’ll be earning 100% of the commissions you generate by July or August. Why choose another brokerage that takes more of your money without any additional benefits for you?

Here’s a video explaining the Keller Williams commission structure:


Keller Williams has achieved national recognition for being the #1 real estate company in the nation. However, joining the company and attaching “KW” to your marketing materials won’t be enough to ensure success.

What is the Best Real Estate Company to Work for as a New Agent

It’s crucial to view your first few months with KW as a learning experience.

Attend the Ignite program, put forth your full effort, learn as much as you can from your coaches, and use what you learn in the field to generate leads.

Keller Williams will help nurture you at the beginning of your career, but it’s up to you to determine your level of success.

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